August Update
  Please see info on recent acquistions below, and do not hesitate to get in touch for photos and more info on anything listed. We would be happy to put together a brief video of any of our instruments.
  We've added some info on the REALIST family of transducers and expanded our STRING offerings.  See our BOWS, COVERS, PICKUPS and STRINGS page.  
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Just in:  Late 19th cent. 7/8 French bass, formerly used in the New York Phil.  Also, mid 20th century large 3/4 German round back bass labeled Andreas Moreli.  In excellent condition with no cracks or repairs.  42" S.L. (w/bridge moved up 1/2"), D neck.  Sound is even, open and loud.  $8,600.  
Strill available:  An older, really great sounding Juzek 3/4 with the "Prauge" label  42" S. L., "Eb" neck.  Asking a very reasonable $6,800. 
Also, a new Asian hybrid with solid spruce top, laminated maple sides and back.  This is a well set up, full and even and deep -sounding, sturdy bass. Offered for a remarkable $1,850.
Also now available is a recent bass by Martin Sheridan and Aaron Reiley.  This generous 3/4 bass has great low end and singing upper register, and, it plays itself!  
We are now offering VELVET strings for bass.  Contact us for more info and a great price on these amazing strings.  And keep in mind, we have some great bows, and are also now offering the REALIST pickup, new REALIST Sound Clip, your favorite strings and K and M music stands - in addition to the wonderful MOORADIAN covers - all at great prices!  Call or email for prices and more info.
 We now have a fantastic new bass by a giant of the bass world, Thomas Martin.  Tom and son George are making incredible sounding instruments in England.   See photos and descriptions on right, and visit the Martins' website - to learn more about these great basses.

The Bass Garden sells old and new instruments.  Our new instruments are all made with wood that has been properly seasoned and not rushed, as many instruments -  mass-produced quickly in factories, with little quality control - are, and can soon have major problems which are expensive to fix.  Our new instruments are all backed  by the makers.    

The disadvantage to an older instrument, that is, one that is not brand new, is that it has most likely needed some repairs during its lifetime. The basses we sell have been worked on by experienced, skilled and dedicated luthiers who ONLY work on basses. Great care is given to ensure the optimum sound and playability and reasonable health of our instruments.

We do offer new, inexpensive basses from several manufacturers, including Christopher.   These are well-made, durable, good-sounding and attractive instruments, all with ebony fingerboards and sturdy endpins. As with all our instruments, they have been professionally set up for maximum sound and playability. All for UNDER $2,000.

Keep in mind that buying a double bass - like other quality string instruments - is not like buying a car, or even a guitar, that depreciates significantly in value immediately after purchase. In many cases, a quality bass, in any price range, if it is maintained properly, will actually increase in value as the years pass.

While we make an effort to have all our basses posted here, it is sometimes hard to keep up with changing inventory. If you don't see what you're looking for, please email or call for information on other basses currently available.

New York State residents add 8 1/2% sales tax.


Basses Currently  Available for Sale or Trade

Awesome 2010 English bass from Tom and George Martin.  Full size round back with sound to match, yet remarkably playable in all registers.  41 5/8" S.L.  Superb orchestra/audition bass, huge sound and projection, super deep and clear lows, even across all strings and sweet upper register.

FRENCH (Jacquet-Gand) $32,000

Mid 19th century large 3/4 Mirecourt flat back, 41 3/8" S.L.  New bridge  and F/B, and replaced bass bar.  Solid instrument with old cracks well repaired.  Loud, powerful bass with great depth and quality.

English Please Call


Mid-late19th century, 7/8 size round back, 42" S.L.  No label, but attributed to John Smith.  In very good condition with new neck reset, f/b and bridge.  SERIOUS orchestra bass - thick, deep, powerful, quick and mature sound.  Superb audition bass  - extremely articulate, and includes fingered "C" extension w/ four gates.  Also great jazz bass a la Charlie Haden.  Shoulders are big, best for tall person.  Priced well below similar quality basses.

GERMAN $6,000

Mid 20th cent. 3/4 flat back, 41 1/4" S.L.  Just restored with new neck,  bass bar and custom "C" extension.  Good sounding all around bass.   SOLD

 GERMAN - c. 1920s $4,400

3/4 size German flat back from the 1920s or '30s,  with 41 1/2" S.L.  Has new bass bar and just had extensive set-up by one of New York's top bass luthiers.  Some old cracks, but all expertly repaired.  Easy and fun to play - nice loose feel.  Absolutely unbeatable quality for the price!   Video demo here:         SOLD


SWEDISH (Labeled Molenberg) $18,000 

Mid 19th century large 3/4 flat back, 42" S.L.  Loud, deep and rich, complex 'old' sound.  Shape of shoulders affords easy access to upper register.  Quite a few old cracks are all well repaired.  Eb neck.  SOLD

CHINESE $5,000

New Chinese "Pear Shaped" 3/4 round back, 40 1/2"S.L.  A great sounding and beautiful bass with awesome upper register access.  Nice full and singing tone and a joy to play.

Kolstein-Guarneri Model $5,200

2003 3/4 round back in excellent condition.  40 1/2" S.L.  Atractive smallish 3/4 bass with good deapth and even sound.  A greast all-around bass that's easy to get around on.  Neck was repaired at button by Kolstein shop.  Has an Eb neck.  Sold

KOLSTEIN-Fendt Model

A recent bass (2002) from the renowned Kolstein shop, this is a large 3/4 (or small 7/8) size flat back with a 41 3/4" S.L. in excellent condition. It has a big, powerful sound, and quite comfortable to play.  SOLD

UPTON - Bohemian Laminated SOLD

Made in the US by Upton bass, this 3/4 flatback has a player friendly 40 1/2" S. L. Great set up with thick ebony f/b, and has upgraded, antique tuners.  Even, cushy sound.  Pre- owned, but nearly mint.  On consignment, but seller is motivated.  Reasonable offers will be considered.

FRENCH (Collin Mezin) $20,000

1920s 3/4 French round back in A+ condition and labeled "Collin Mezin".  41" S.L.  This is a great bass for solo playing with ridiculous accessibility, gorgeous tone and plenty of volume - but also has good depth!  In absolutely top playing condition with brand new bass bar and top/ back re-graduation.  SOLD


NOTE:  Kay in photos has been SOLD. But in the pipeline:

We have a 1953 Kay C-1 in good condition. Has original rosewood fingerboard,  adjustable bridge,original end pin, and new tail piece wire.  Strung with Thomastik Spirocores.  Email for photos, or check back.  Sorry, also SOLD.

CHINESE $1,200

Lovely new laminated bass, made in China - 3/4 size, 41 3/4" S.L.  Ebony fingerboard, adjustable bridge.  Nice set-up, easy to play.  Very solid bass.


Model DB204T, new laminated bass, made by one of the top string instrument makers in China - known for quality and consistency.  3/4 size with a 41 1/2" S.L., expert set-up by one of New York's top luthiers.  An attractive,  good sounding all around bass, currently strung with Thomastik Superflexibles.  SOLD

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