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How to buy a bass from us...
No two basses are alike.  Each instrument has a unique combination of sound, playability, health and pedigree.  You can learn a few things about a bass from a description and photograph, but there is no substitute for actually playing, hearing and seeing the instrument.

We are located in Yonkers, New York, just north of New York City, 1/2 hour by car from midtown Manhattan, and 37 minutes by Metro North train from Grand Central Terminal.   Trains leave at least once an hour.  We show basses by appointment only, but hours are quite flexible.

If you decide that one of our basses might be right for you, we offer a ten-day trial period for you to get to know the bass better.  You may then show it to your teacher or repair person for evaluation.  To take a bass out on trial, we will accept any of the following three methods to secure the instrument while it is in your possession:

  1. A bank check, money order, certified personal check or cash (uncertified personal checks are not sufficient) for the full asking price, payable to the BassGarden,
  2. Proof that the instrument has been added to your existing musical instrument insurance policy, along with a bank check, money order, certified personal check or cash equal to the policy's deductible, or
  3. A payment via PayPal®, the secure, internet-based payment service, for the full asking price of the bass.

If you decide that the bass isn't right for you at the end of the ten-day trial period, you may return it for a full refund, providing no damage has been done to the bass.  Any necessary repairs will be solely your responsibility and deducted from your refund.  The BassGarden reserves the right to withhold a significant portion of the refund until an estimate of damages is made and/or repairs are completed.

If you can't get to the BassGarden, it is possible to have a bass shipped to you.  We offer various shipping options and the best method of shipment may depend on where you are located, value of instrument or other factors.  You will be responsible for shipping costs to you and return shipping to the BassGarden in the event you decide not to keep the bass.


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